Sorry for your loss, sending you positive thoughts.

Thank you so much. 

I am sorry for your loss. Perhaps, some meditation and reflection are in need at this time.

I certainly agree. It’s just hard for me to gather up the energy to meditate at the moment. 

Sorry for your loss. I've found the Law of Conservation of Energy strangely comforting. Energy can not be created or destroyed, it only changes forms. So a person is never really gone, their energy is just doing different things now.

That’s how I typically look at death, or at least I strive to; however, it’s one thing to intellectually understand, and it’s another to just rawly experience it, you know? Thank you so much. 

im sorry for your lose. the person my not be here but the love you had for that person and the love they had for you ill always be in your heart.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words.


Fuck Yeah, Zen!

I never post personal things here, but perhaps my followers could lead me in the right direction. I feel pretty lost spiritually speaking right now, as I had a man who I considered a second father be taken off of life support yesterday. If anyone can suggest anything comforting, or anything within the Zen Tradition, or even other Buddhist Traditions about coping/handling the death of a loved one, it would be greatly appreciated.

"Understanding and accepting who you really are right now is as important as the commitment to become someone more open and generous. Whatever the quality of motivation, when we intentionally reach out to others in giving, some degree of transformation occurs."